TIP: Stock up on light bulbs

Compact fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) save money and energy — they last ten times longer than a regular light bulb and use 1/4th the amount of energy. Many people have already replaced the old incandescent bulbs in most of their fixtures. One obstacle has been that dimmable and three-way CFLs can be hard to find and expensive.

Now Efficiency Vermont is sponsoring a special deal that makes ALL types of CFLs available for only 99 cents! This is a great opportunity for us all to replace the remaining inefficient incandescent bulbs in our houses.

Richmond Home Supply is working with Efficiency Vermont and is currently offering all types of CFLs in stock for just 99 cents, including dimmables and three-ways. The special won’t last forever so stop in and stock up!

For a more information on the sale and other locations to pick up the bulbs, visit the Efficiency Vermont website at http://efficiencyvermont.org