TIP: Reduce your carbon footprint by joining a CSA

Transportation represents one of our largest contributions to the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. It is not only our families that we transport however. The average item of food travels 1,500 miles before it gets to your plate, and twenty percent of our fossil-fuel consumption goes to agriculture – largely due to distribution. For example, in 2005, the import of fruits, nuts, and vegetables into California by airplane released more than 70,000 tons of CO2. This is equivalent to more than 12,000 cars on the road. These trends in our food economy have created direct links in between the food we choose to eat and our involvement in international petroleum markets.

Celebrate the arrival of Spring by joining one of the many local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) options. There are a wide variety of vegetable, cheese and meat options to choose from. In addition to supporting our local economy, you will enjoy a fresher product with a dramatically smaller climate impact. Here are a few great local choices:

Freedom & Unity Farm
Richmond, 434-4000

Jericho Settlers Farm
Jericho, 899-4000

Maple Wind Farm/Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC)
Huntington, 434-7257

Additional Chittenden County CSAs are listed at: http://nofavt.org/find-organic-food/csa-listing#chittenden

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